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PhaseAlpha provides a wide range of software consulting and development services including design and usability, mobile application development, web development, client-server development, integration, prototyping, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. Our services span the complete development life-cycle for a diverse range of industries.  We utilize agile software development practices that insure our clients gain benefits at every milestone in a project. PhaseAlpha’s proven track record of quality, service, and reliability will insure success for your project no matter what challenges may present themselves throughout the course of development. Our experience and depth of knowledge will give you the tools you need to exceed your goals. Each new project brings with it new and interesting challenges that fuel our innovation and creativity. There is simply nothing that cannot be solved by our team of experts.

Mobile Application Development

We develop platform independent applications to run on any device so you can reach all of your intended audience. Our creative team will design and develop an excellent user experience to insure success. Your application will provide secure access for your team and your customers to get things done no matter where they are 24×7. What you need, when you need it, in the palm of your hand.

Web Portal Development

For highly scalable cloud-based applications or more traditional web server apps, our innovative web development team will create a web experience that gives you an edge on the competition. Our team will use only the right technologies for your project based on your environment and your goals. Whether you need us to build a bridge to an older system or are ready to move into the latest technologies, our experience and comprehensive tool sets will have your web application up and running in a fraction of the time, saving you money and rapidly delivering benefits for you and your customers.

Client/Server Apps

If you have a need for an application that must work offline, or your performance requirements are such that a web application will not cut it, we will develop thick-client or smart-client applications per your specifications that can be installed directly on the client computer. We fully understand the complicated challenge with client applications in keeping all users up to date with the same version of the software. We eliminate this problem by embedding automatic updating technology into your application transparent to your users, insuring everyone is always running on the latest version.

Requirements Gathering

We follow a very methodical, yet efficient approach to detail your requirements, taking into account your goals as well as your current and future technology path. If your company is having difficulty making a decision about a software project, engage us to lay out the real-world details so your team can make an objective decision without wasting a lot of time and money to figure it out the hard way.


It has been said that while a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a million lines of code. PhaseAlpha will develop prototypes of your technology to enable upfront testing of how your new system will work in the real world. Feedback from users will be used to refine the design before development ever starts, saving precious time and money downstream where it starts getting very difficult to make changes.

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