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Many mobile applications and web portals rely heavily on the back-end server for all of their data.  At the point where someone needs to save an update, it’s critical their data is handled carefully to insure every bit of data gets stored on the server.

One of our customers had an issue on a custom mobile Learning Management System (LMS) solution where their student’s answers weren’t all getting stored into their SCORM database, causing them to have to re-take tests.  This was happening randomly, but isolated to a few specific students.  The issue may have been due to poor WiFi connectivity or something awry with the devices they were using.  Needless to say, these students weren’t very happy about it, and I don’t blame them for feeling this way!  To fix the problem, we enhanced their system by adding a data verification framework to track and verify each transaction, then re-send any that didn’t make it.

By designing custom software to treat every bit of data as critical, 100% of your data will be stored reliably, insuring the integrity of your reporting and analytics.

If your custom software needs a data verification system, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We are expert custom software developers. Send an email to info@phasealpha.com or call us at (913) 648-9200.