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Results of a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll with more than 300 IT decision makers, or ITDMs, show that over 90 percent of them view enterprise mobility as critical for operational productivity, customer engagement and competitiveness in 2016. Furthermore, 87 percent consider enterprise mobility to be critical to their organization’s profitability and 73 percent reported that they plan to mobilize their entire organization.

Why are so many companies planning to make enterprise mobility such a priority — and why should you care? Your enterprise, like all others, must now compete in a global environment that operates 24/7 in most cases. Enterprise mobility enables marketing, sales and customer support in real time and from any location. Add in the fact that a lot of work today is cloud-based rather than tied to a specific server, local network or desktop computer. Work can happen over lunch with a customer or while at the customer’s place of business. Executives who travel need to have access to all pertinent data at all times. Teams may need to collaborate from a number of different home bases. It all adds up to a need for enterprise mobility.

Interestingly, enterprise mobility initiatives today tend to be employee-driven rather than IT initiatives, and many of these employees are top-tier executives. Instead of being attracted to the technology itself, employees are focusing on the ways they can use the technology to make their jobs easier, be more productive, gain a competitive advantage or provide better customer service.

In many ways, enterprise mobility today is what the Internet was 20 years ago to businesses. Enterprise mobility benefits both internal users — employees — and external users — customers and vendors. The best software, data and tools are useless if they cannot be accessed when needed, by whom needed and from where needed. Enterprise mobility solutions form a solid foundation to ensure access is available to meet the demands of the modern environment.

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