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Applications are developed for two key reasons: to deliver high quality engagement to a market and to acquire as many users as possible. The challenge for developers and marketers is that today’s app market is incredibly diverse. There are now more than eight major platforms for applications, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows, and more, and each one of these platforms presents its own programming paradigms and languages. Providing a high-quality experience to as many users as possible requires platform-independent application designs, or cross-platform apps.

Cross-Platform Apps = Greater Reach

The more platforms an application can run on, the more people it can reach. Although Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS dominate the app landscape worldwide, other systems are quickly gaining ground and it seems like more and more pop up every year. Developing applications that run flawlessly across platforms lets you tap into your greatest marketing potential.

Easier Marketing with Platform-Independent Apps

Instead of creating multiple ad campaigns to cater to specific sets of device users, you can market your application through more generalized messages when you invest in platform-independent apps, making it easier and less expensive to reach the masses.

A Uniform Look and Feel

Few developers are experts in multiple programming languages, making it difficult to perfectly match the look and feel of two or more apps. Because platform-independent apps run on a single code, it is easier to maintain consistency in appearance and function across different devices.

Cross-Platform Apps are Easier to Maintain

Would you rather maintain one single application or multiple apps? Platform-independent applications are easier maintain because updates are synced immediately across all platforms and devices, saving you time, money, and energy.

Invest in Platform-Independent Apps Today

At PhaseAlpha, we design apps with performance in mind. We have the engineering and design knowledge to create platform-independent apps that fit your needs and will help expand your mobile market. To learn more about this innovative design strategy, contact us today at 913.648.9200 or drop us a line at info@phasealpha.com.