Thursday, May 23, 2019

Role BYOD Plays Enterprise Mobility and the Myths of BYOD

As smartphones and tablets become increasingly intertwined with employee tasks, many businesses are opting for BYOD policies. Here are some specific ways that this impacts enterprise mobility and some common myths.



When employees utilize mobile devices, it allows them to accomplish more in less time. Whether it’s monitoring inventory counts, checking customer orders or managing finances, tasks can be completed with greater efficiency. In a pre-BYOD world, it was more difficult to obtain information. These days, arming employees with mobile devices keeps operations running smoother and there are fewer wasted efforts.



Time is of the essence for most businesses, and streamlining communication is important for ensuring effective collaboration. Enterprise mobility benefits from BYOD policies because employees can use mobile computing to receive real time updates. That way everyone can stay in the loop so unnecessary problems can be avoided and customers should have a better experience.


Myths of BYOD

There are several misconceptions about incorporating mobile devices into the workplace, but three really stand out. First, there is a myth that employees will be distracted and waste time. In reality, BYOD makes employees more productive, and according to Cisco, “BYOD employees are gaining a global average of 37 minutes of productive time per week.”

Another myth is that many businesses don’t have the budget for this type of technology. With so many options and competition among mobile providers, there’s almost always an affordable package for every business.

Finally, many people think that Apple is the leader in enterprise mobility with iPhones and iPads. Actually, Android is the leader and even Blackberry surpasses Apple at the moment. This proves that there are several alternatives to Apple products that are great for the workplace.

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