Thursday, May 23, 2019

How Optimizing Your Engineering Software Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Technology powers many of today’s business operations, but some business processes may not yet be automated or optimized. If you are looking for opportunities to save your business time and money then it may be time to look into ways to improve your engineering software. Doing so can speed up and improve the accuracy of important calculations, improve time to market, reduce the opportunity for errors, and automate bill of materials, all of which can save your company time and money.

Speed calculations for faster time to market

It’s possible to use your engineering software to help your business automate complicated, time-consuming, and repetitive engineering tasks. The manufacturing design process involves a number of complicated steps, each one requiring specialized engineering calculations; for example, the calculations that aid in determining correct materials or develop pricing for sales analysis.

Many businesses still rely on manual methods or spreadsheets for these calculations. In this situation, a single engineering calculation can take anywhere from several minutes up to several hours. At PhaseAlpha, we can leverage your engineering formulas and data to create an automated program that is capable of performing the same calculations in a fraction of the time. The resulting program can also be integrated into other areas of your business to speed up order entry or aid in the quoting process.

Automation will free engineers from repetitive, time-consuming manual calculations, which results in faster production of goods to market.

Reduce errors

Even the most careful and diligent engineer can make a mistake while performing a manual calculation. Automating your engineering software will significantly reduce the time spent on calculations and dramatically reduce the likelihood of human errors being introduced into them. Engineering software allows engineers to be more productive and to perform more work, in less time, with greater accuracy.

Automate Bill of Materials

Engineering software can also save your business time and money by assisting in the development of the Bill of Materials. This can be leveraged by other departments such as purchasing, sales, and customer service.

Automating the Bill of Materials using engineering software can improve the accuracy of product costing for more accurate quoting and more consistent profit. It can also take the guess-work out of materials planning and plant loading, with the added benefit of improving overall customer service.

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