Thursday, May 23, 2019

Custom Field Service Mobile Apps Offer Attractive Benefits

If you routinely have service personnel who spend most of the workday in the field, you probably know the challenges involved in communicating with them. However, you might not realize the different ways that having a custom field service mobile app can improve both your profits and your customer relations.

Mobile apps let you optimize each service tech's schedule and routing. If a tech has appointments at Point A and Point B, should a customer located between those two points call the office for service, you can easily push the ticket to the tech. If a customer requests emergency service, you can easily determine which techs are nearest the location, dispatch the appropriate tech and adjust the schedules for other techs to cover any missed appointments.

With a custom mobile app, you can eliminate much of the paperwork required for your business. Work tickets, invoices, time sheets and expense reports no longer need to be prepared or entered manually. Customer invoices go out faster, or you can choose to have technicians accept credit card payments on the spot without the need to phone in to authorize the purchase. When techs can spend less time completing paperwork, they can spend more time serving customers. When office staff can spend less time entering data manually, they can spend their time more productively -- and you might discover that you could function with fewer people.

Mobile apps also allow your techs to present a more professional image to your customers. Techs can access information about the customer's equipment to demonstrate the specific knowledge related to each customer. Immediate access to inventory on the truck as well as in the warehouse allows techs to display the company's efficiency.

Whether you are currently without a mobile app for your field service personnel or are struggling with a hodge-podge of unconnected apps, a custom app is likely to be the best solution. No two companies are identical in business philosophy, desired functionality or scale. A custom app lets you choose all of the features you want, such as integration with your legacy system or mobile credit card processing. At the same time, you will not be paying for features that you neither want or need.

The team members at PhaseAlpha have extensive experience in creating custom mobile solutions for a wide range of businesses -- and getting it right the first time. Regardless of your location or industry, we can help you design the custom mobile app you need. You can email us at or call 913-648-9200.

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