Thursday, May 23, 2019

3 Signs You Should Invest in Custom Software Development

While commercial software designed for the masses is sufficient for some businesses with limited needs, it isn’t for everyone. Here are three signs that investing in custom software development is the right choice for your business.


1.      Specific Needs


If there are a lot of specialized tasks you need to perform on a daily basis, regular off-the-shelf software probably won’t hack it. Whether it’s a unique way of tracking inventory, employee scheduling or managing your marketing campaign, a custom software platform will contour to your individual needs. This should make it easier for team members to learn and use the software. You will also have only the features you need without a bunch of unnecessary extra features you’re never going to use.


2.      Current Software Lacks Efficiency


When software has inadequate performance and obvious limitations, this can be a big detriment. In some cases, you may be forced to get upgrades, which is costly and can slow down productivity. Having tailor-made software is ideal because it gives you considerably more control and flexibility. It can grow along with your business and should increase efficiency so you can get the most from your resources.


3.      Custom Reporting


Analytics are incredibly important for fine-tuning operations and not repeating the same mistakes. The problem with some commercial software products is that they lack an effective analytics system. A common problem with standard reporting features is that they can be difficult to understand and may not cover the specific areas you need. However, investing in custom software development should provide you with intuitive reporting features to help your business as a whole and ultimately boost profits.

If you’ve grown tired of using software produced for the masses and are looking for ways to improve business operations, making this investment is a smart choice. At PhaseAlpha, we work side by side with businesses to create custom software to streamline operations. For more information, please contact PhaseAlpha at 913.648.9200 or email us at

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