Thursday, May 23, 2019

3 Key Considerations for Mobile App Development

If you’re thinking of developing a mobile app, it’s important to cover all the bases so that your vision becomes a reality. Here are three key considerations to ensure that you love the finished product.


1.      Budget


There can be a disparity in terms of development costs, so it’s important to know what you can spend. On one hand, there’s native app development, which uses specific programming language and apps are installed directly onto devices such as an iPhone or Android. These apps tend to have high-quality interfaces and are reliable, but can come with a high price tag.

On the other hand, there’s a mobile web app, which is normally accessed through a device’s browser. While this doesn’t offer the same quality and performance as a native app, it tends to cost less. Consequently, a mobile web app is probably the better option when dealing with a limited budget. 


2.      Time Constraints


If you’re looking to streamline the development process and have it finished quickly, native app development can be an issue. Because it requires approval from a marketplace or app store and often demands different development skills, it can take a while for completion. Instead, a mobile web app is your best bet because of faster development time and there’s no need to access an app store to download.


3.      Performance


Finally, you should consider the overall performance and user experience of your app. If only high performance will suffice, then a native app is the way to go. If maximum performance isn’t a necessity and you’re just looking to cover the basics, then a mobile web app should be fine.

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