Thursday, May 23, 2019

3 Arduous Tasks That Can Be Automated with Custom Software

Technology has greatly improved business operations across numerous industries. One particular option that can benefit your business is custom software, which can automate a plethora of manual jobs. Here are three specific tasks that can be automated.


1. Data Entry

Copying lots of data from one system to another manually is not only tedious, but there’s also the opportunity for errors. Because it’s repetitive, it’s easy for a person to lose focus and records turn out inaccurate. Using an automated script allows you to perform data entry quickly and painlessly without all of the hassle. At the same time, accuracy should improve because you’re cutting out the potential for human error.


2. Online Marketing

Handling a marketing campaign can be time consuming. Although custom software can’t automate everything, it can streamline many tasks and free up a considerable amount of time. For example, you could set software to automatically post every blog article you publish on your social media profiles like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Another example would be using a platform to add people to your email subscriber list whenever they download a free resource like an eBook or whitepaper.


3. Customer Management

You can utilize custom software to input customer contact information into your database. By syncing up the contact form on your website, every time a person contacts your business, the information entered into the form fields would be placed into your system and categorized appropriately. In terms of customer support, tickets can be created whenever customers have a help request so you can respond in a timely manner and ensure that no one is left waiting for an extended period of time. 

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