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Whether you require a fun tool that enhances customer engagement, a one-of-a-kind app that will generate PR for your business, or a fully functional mobile e-commerce store, the right Android application can be created for you. We would be happy to lend our mobile app development expertise to you. To learn more, contact us

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Why PhaseAlpha is the right choice for your Android development project.

The Android operating system powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices and tablet computers, and is used in nearly 200 countries. More than one million new Android devices are activated every day. So it should come as no surprise that many businesses are considering developing an Android app for their employees or customers. As consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices, apps become increasingly important tools to connect them with brands. Chances are that you don’t have the expertise in-house to create an Android app, which means that you will have to look elsewhere if you want one for your company. But what should you look for in a good Android application development company?

Expertise With the Android Platform

Android application development can be incredibly complex. The sheer volume of devices on which an app may be run make it challenging to develop a reliable application. For example, you have to ensure that the app can run on any number of aspect ratios while still maintaining a high quality of experience. You also need to take into account how the app will interact with other business systems. Having a development partner with expertise in these areas will help create a smooth user experience and a more effective app.


Security is critical in all technical environments. A professional Android app development company will secure proprietary information and calculations so they cannot be hacked or stolen from the app. The app should use techniques like SSL to encrypt information from the device and the Internet. Unnecessary files and data should be removed to avoid presenting the app user with invalid information.

Data Updates

A good Android app should include the ability to update the application data without installing a new app from the app store. Versioning should be included to make sure all mobile users are using the same data. The ability to disable the app if the user is unable or refuses to update data should be included in order to make sure that users are making decisions with the latest available information. The app should present users with live information that is pertinent to what they are doing through the integration of live Internet data feeds. For example, if the user is looking at “Widget A,” the app should be able to check with the server in the background and upsell the user with a “Widget A Adapter.”

Best Coding Practices

A good Android app development company should use best coding practices and the latest technologies. A good example of this is to run an app across multiple threads so that it runs faster and with more efficiency. If someone feels that your app is running sluggishly then they are less likely to use it, so any and all steps to increase an app’s speed are important. Another best practice is to integrate an app with backend servers, which helps to provide users with the right information at the right time. The overall goal is to create the best user experience for intuitiveness and usability, while avoiding confusion and increasing adoption rates.

Top reasons to launch on Android first

More mobile devices are powered by Android

Apple dominates the North American market with the iOS platform. However, when viewed from the global perspective, Android has a larger customer base -- and most Android users are extremely loyal to the platform. Android has been making significant inroads into the North American market, so the disparity between the two platforms is expected to continue to close.

Android software is open source meaning your options are endless

The Android framework is open source, which is extremely popular for developing mobile apps. Android apps can be developed that are very attractive from both the visual and functional perspectives. From games to useful tools, current Android apps have great appeal to a variety of users, and the available options are virtually countless. One reason for the popularity of Android apps is that Android offers a huge number of available libraries. Developers can use these libraries to create unique apps, enhance capabilities or improve interactive functionality. Users get the ability to let their imaginations run free, which frequently inspires developers to create innovative apps that simply cannot be run on the iOS platform. Android apps can be distributed much faster than iOS apps Apple requires that developers seek approval before releasing an app, which can delay deployment by a week or more. If Apple does not like a particular app, you cannot release it on the iOS platform. Android does not require prior approval, nor does it place any restrictions on the type of app you release, including beta apps. The world of Android apps is booming with over 1 million apps available to download for mobile and tablet devices. Given the scope of apps in the marketplace, knowing where to begin when you want to develop an app for your own business can be tricky.