Thursday, May 23, 2019
Why User Experience is a Crucial Part of Mobile App Design
Every business thinking about creating a mobile application should put the user experience at the heart of the build process in order to create an app that delivers real value.
Does Your Interface Design Take Away from Your Software?
The experience between customer and computer should be as effortless and seamless as possible, but these interface design mistakes can ruin even the best software.
The Top Benefits of a Web App
Web apps are programs that are accessed via the Internet and a web browser, and you may be surprised to hear it, but they are often better than traditional software.
The Benefits of Platform Independent Applications
Providing a high-quality experience to as many users as possible requires platform-independent application designs, or cross-platform apps.
Why Businesses Should be Regularly Updating Their Web Browser
As SaaS software plays an increasingly important role in businesses, it has never been more important to be using an up-to-date web browser in order to ensure maximum efficiency, security, and reliability.
So What Does Paperless Workflow Actually Entail?
Implementing a paperless workflow into your business can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help the environment. But what does paperless workflow actually entail?
How to Increase Efficiency with Custom Engineering Tools
Rather than add cost, custom engineering tools can save money in the long-term by increasing efficiency with tailored solutions.
Consult an Expert When Having Trouble Making an Internal Decision Regarding Your Software
Many businesses struggle with making internal decisions about software. An expert is a great resource for resolving this common problem.
How the Principles of Lean and Automation Can Work Together
Far from being at odds, the principles of lean manufacturing and automation can work together in harmony. The basics of lean automation do not involve eliminating the need for humans entirely. In fact, there are many stages in between manual operations and a fully automated one.
Why Your Business Should Go Paperless
Going paperless doesn’t have to cost your business. Besides the benefit to the environment, a paperless workflow increases productivity, saves time and money.