Thursday, May 23, 2019
4 Reasons for Developing Enterprise Mobile Apps with a User-centric Approach
Mobile enterprise apps bring the benefits of traditional enterprise apps to mobile users, removing the limitations that previously kept users tied to a desktop or specific location.
Migrate Silverlight to HTML5
Do you have critical Silverlight apps that need to be migrated before it’s too late? The use of Silverlight becomes more and more complicated as we approach its end of life in October 2021.  This seems so far off, yet the harsh reality is that it’s already becoming a major issue.
The Top 4 Benefits of Enterprise-Ready Apps
Enterprise apps offer the potential to boost employee productivity, enhance customer service and automate certain functions — all of which can contribute to a healthier bottom line.
Will an Enterprise Mobile App Developed in Just a Few Days Be Any Good?
Although there might be times when a "fast-food app" is just what you need, you will typically find greater long-term satisfaction with a custom app.
The Quality of Code Matters
Quality matters when it comes to software.  Your code is way more than just a bunch of words that get compiled into an app.  If not done right, bad code will waste time and money.
Deployment of Your App is Merely the First Step
You need to achieve a significant adoption rate for your mobility efforts to succeed.
The Top 3 Technological Innovations Powering Businesses Today
The three innovative technologies described are the greatest impact on today's businesses, but they are far from the only innovations to arrive during this century.
4 Trends Shaping the Future of Enterprise Software Development
Four current trends have been identified that are expected to play major roles in enterprise software development over the next few years.
A CTO's Guide to Handling Enterprise Mobility Initiatives
Although the move to enterprise mobility is definitely underway, mobility initiatives can face certain challenges.
Top 3 Ways Mobile Apps can Drive Business
The following tips can help you use mobile apps to drive business.