Thursday, May 23, 2019
5 Tech Trends Already Driving Mobile Innovation
With the current interest in enterprise mobility, more decision makers are turning their thoughts to mobilizing their entire enterprise.
Best Practices for Outsourcing Systems Integration
Outsourcing your systems integration can be a cost-effective solution that leaves your employees free to focus on your core business.
Better Business Intelligence Through Integration
Improving their business intelligence has been a goal for many organizations in recent years, but too often, their efforts come up short. When building a better business intelligence system, the focus should be on the last word in the phrase — system.
Business System Integration - Risks, Benefits and How to Integrate
No single integration method is ideal for every organization. The method chosen will depend on the software and hardware you have as well as your business goals.
No More Excuses: 5 Steps for Achieving a Paperless Office
Going paperless in just one or two departments initially allows you to enjoy savings in labor, space and supplies.
Mobile Apps: Is a Custom App Better than Platform-Based Development?
There are times when you may need a complete, "from scratch," full custom app, but there are also times when you would be better off choosing platform-based development.
A Quick View of Plug-ins for Customizing Software
Plug-ins can provide you with powerful functionality that can help you gain wider acceptance in an economical manner.
Making Off-the-Shelf Software Work for You
An off-the-shelf solution lacks some of the functionality that is needed to streamline operations, connect team members or eliminate data silos. For many, the answer is a hybrid solution.
Give Your Team a Helping Hand with PaaS
Moving to the cloud has provided numerous benefits for many companies.
Lessons Learned From Failed Softwares: How to Avoid the Most Common Traps
Although there is always something to be learned from failure, learning from the mistakes of others can prove more profitable. Learn the most common mistakes that software entrepreneurs have made if you want to avoid the same pitfalls.