Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Build a Better Customer Portal & Customer Facing Website
It is no secret that customers have become increasingly demanding in recent years. One reason for their increased demands is the evolution of a digital culture in which gratification is only a click away.
What is the Lifecycle of Your Legacy Framework?
When most businesses implemented their legacy frameworks, they went through an adjustment period while users were adapting to the change. Soon, however, users were praising the new system and wondering how they had ever managed without it. 
Quote Management System & Order Tracking Software 101
If your business model includes technicians who provide services at a customer's location, you may already be aware of some of the issues that can decrease productivity and hurt your profitability. For example, the more time that your techs must spend on paperwork, the less time they can spend on calls. 
Geographic Proximity, a Necessity for Excellent Customer Service (apps)
If you provide a service to your customers, you know that they expect your field personnel to arrive quickly, complete the job efficiently and ensure that they are billed accurately. Field service apps can give you the ability to meet or exceed your customers' expectations. 
How to Achieve Low Maintenance Security
In recent years, cybercrime has been growing at an alarming rate. An article published on Bloomberg.com detailing the results of a study revealed some alarming statistics. 
Why Value Trumps Price when Buying Enterprise Software
Price is determined by the seller. Value is determined by the buyer. Only you can decide on the value of particular enterprise software.
When Every Bit Counts
Software can be designed or even retrofitted after the fact to verify every bit of data to insure the integrity of your reporting and analytics.
The Top 8 Features Scheduling Software should Have
Not all scheduling systems are the same, so here are eight features that you should look for when choosing your new scheduling software.
Top 5 Tips for Becoming Mobile-First
By adopting a mobile-first strategy, you can accelerate the development cycle and improve your return on your investment.
Enterprise Mobility Expected to be Primary Focus of IT in 2016
Even a rudimentary analysis of the survey's responses indicate that enterprise mobility will top the list of IT spending during 2016.