Tuesday, June 18, 2019
How To Expense & Capitalize Software Purchases
Learn the difference between expensing and capitalizing your software purchase costs.
5 Ways IT Project Managers Fail
IT projects have become notorious for delays and cost overruns. However, many IT projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Most of the time, the difference between a successful IT project and a failed one is the quality of the project management.
Business Tools for Startups: Go with CRM and Project Management Apps
For a startup, the right tools can make the difference between efficient operations and chaos. Many times, a fledgling company feels that they should immediately buy every tool that they might possibly need in the future. 
Office Productivity Software Upgrade Guide 2016
In a competitive economy, you need to leverage every possible tool to increase revenue and decrease expenses. One way to achieve both goals is to ensure that your people have the software they need to be more productive, provide superior customer service and reduce costs.
Increase Ecommerce Sales with this Guide
Running an e-commerce business can be challenging. We put this guide together to help you focus on areas you can improve to boost conversions and sales on your e-commerce store.
Digital Catalog Software - Catalog Management Basics
In today’s digital world, printed catalogs are becoming outdated. Customers want to make purchases when it is convenient for them. Digitizing your product catalog can help you sell to customers on all their devices.
CMS Implementation Costs and What Affects Them
Is there a simple formula that can be used to estimate the budget for a CMS implementation? Unfortunately, there is not. Calculating the total costs for implementing a CMS is a complicated process that requires analyzing a number of factors.
Content Management System Business Requirements Checklist
With so many different options available, it may seem that selecting the right CMS must be a complicated process. However, it can actually be rather simple. 
Build a Better Customer Portal & Customer Facing Website
It is no secret that customers have become increasingly demanding in recent years. One reason for their increased demands is the evolution of a digital culture in which gratification is only a click away.
What is the Lifecycle of Your Legacy Framework?
When most businesses implemented their legacy frameworks, they went through an adjustment period while users were adapting to the change. Soon, however, users were praising the new system and wondering how they had ever managed without it.